Raising Peaceful children

  1. Remain calm throughout your pregnancy  
  2. Be responsible for maintaining a close attachment to your child
  3. Encourage a clear relationship of dependency while young 
  4. Actively socialize him, teaching him how to behave with others 
  5. Give him moral education - the knowledge of what is right and wrong 
  6. Have him practice caring for others  
  7. Foster awareness of self and teach him to see the needs of others
  8. Avoid feeding his ego. Humility, not self-pride, is your goal 
  9. Avoid increasing self-esteem for its own sake 
  10. Avoid attachment to peers instead of caring adults  
  11. Keep competition fun and limit its scope, know when to stop 
  12. Don’t attach value to physical beauty nor athletic performance 
  13. Attach value to good intentions and to effort made, not outcome 
  14. Manage Counter-Will (defiance) with increased attachment
  15. Give him your vision of the future - how the world will be a better place 
  16. See his inner qualities and his potential  
  17. Believe in your child, encourage him.  

Note “him” = “her”

Philip Squires,
Mar 10, 2013, 11:49 AM